ShareTracker, a Comlinkdata Company, is the largest Telecom market research company in the U.S.. Our product portfolio provides the most comprehensive set of aggregate share and record databases available serving the Wireless/Wireline, Telephony/Broadband/Video segments, with Business/Residential analytics.

With ShareTracker, you get the technology-based data you must have to make mission-critical decisions when you need it, how you need it. In other words, you get data you trust and the answers you need.


For more than 10 years ShareTracker has helped the communications industry keep score by consistently delivering highly accurate market share and FlowShare measurement across all fixed and mobile services. We are the largest U.S. market research company dedicated to telecom market share and FlowShare measure products and analytics, and the most nimble, flexible, efficient and fast.

  • Employees have 22 years on average in Telecom
  • Institutional experience with “Big-data” market research analytics
  • Broad set of customers that has services covering 95% of US households


ShareTracker continually invests to beat the curve in technology-based solutions that deliver the answers you must have for mission critical initiatives. With more than 40 patents, ShareTracker continues to set the bar for fresh innovation in telecom market share research measurement technology. Our strong partnerships with survey-focused providers means that with ShareTracker you can get the most accurate data with enhanced reporting telling you the whole story – who, what, when, where and why.

Data Breadth

  • Over 5 Billion Measurement Points Collected Annually
  • 30k/quarter survey provides deeper dive into switching behavior, customer decision journey, and demographic details
  • Provides agility for real-time measurement


For clients and solutions as varied in both scope and size from the largest U.S. telecom companies to regional independent telecom companies and cable telephony providers, ShareTracker is expert in providing focused market research and complex data analysis in areas such as network planning and capital deployment, market segmentation, market share and FlowShare, competitive landscapes, operating support systems and GIS mapping. For initiatives large and small, ShareTracker secures the data and its insights you must have to change your business performance and delivers it in the custom formats suited to your purposes. These custom solutions are tailored to your product, footprint, competitors and business strategy and are available individually or bundled with all metrics by standard and customer geographic markets. For every budget, you will learn the most from ShareTracker.

how you can apply ShareTracker’s insights to resolve your strategy dilemmas
The ShareTracker Team
Jerome Baccelli
Chief Technology Officer
Jerome Baccelli relaunched ShareTracker with Eric Fogle, president, in 2011, after success as a telecom engineering executive in the mobile telephony industry in both start up and Fortune 100 organizations. As chief technology officer for ShareTracker, Baccelli is responsible for all product development technology, including development customized to a client’s specifications, that delivers the granular…
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Kara Warme
SVP, Product Development & Data Insights
Kara Warme joined ShareTracker in 2014. As SVP of Product Development and Data Insights, Warme leads a team developing and interpreting complex data sets into actionable insights to help telco, wireless and entertainment clients grow. She also manages ShareTracker’s survey programs and the evolution of market share metrics to reflect the latest industry technologies. Warme…
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Mike Nungesser
SVP, Measurement Science
Mike has been a part of the ShareTracker Measurement Science Team since 2015. As lead analyst for ShareTracker’s cable products, he has developed and maintained insight-based analysis using hybrid models balancing classical analysis and big-data innovation. Prior to joining ShareTracker, Mike was the SVP of Analysis for Centris Marketing Science (Horsham, PA). His professional history…
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Nathan Robson
SVP - Product Marketing
Nathan Robson joined ShareTracker in 2016 as SVP of Product Marketing. In addition to managing the marketing strategy for ShareTracker, Robson has taken on the task of integrating the 2016 acquisitions of the Centris and GeoResults brands. Previous to ShareTracker, Robson served as VP of Marketing with nTelos Wireless, a regional fighter brand in Virginia,…
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