Competitive Intelligence

ShareTracker is the telecom industry’s scorekeeper. We track the precise size of the competitive market and the switching behavior of U.S. businesses and households. Then, we analyze the data and pass our insights on to you so you can make strategic, highly informed decisions. We provide real time analytics for the entire U.S. telecom industry, including wireless, wireline/telco and cable carriers.

FlowShare & Market Share Measurement

ShareTracker’s highly accurate approach to determining market share and how broadband, voice and video customers move between competitors and technologies is your gateway to immediately improve churn rates, increase product penetration and grow your net adds.

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Market Segmentation

ShareTracker’s network-based solutions provide granular and market-level information about your customers. Prioritize your sales efforts by segmenting your market by demographic, geographic area, competitor presence, and broadband availability. We can customize your reports to display segments individually or cross dimensionally, showing service overlaps and bundles.

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Emerging Technology

ShareTracker’s highly experienced engineers, computational mathematicians, application developers, and market researchers are constantly launching new products and services to help you stay on top of the dynamic telecom industry. Check out some of our most recent product offerings and proof-of-concepts.

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What We’re Tracking

ShareTracker is always seeking to identify technologies that will impact the future of the telecom industry. We listen to our clients, and our solutions evolve to meet your needs. Learn about what we’ve been tracking and read our industry experts’ forecasts on what’s coming next this year.

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