Emerging Insights and technologies

At ShareTracker, we have two passions, telecom and analytics, which makes us a reference in all segments of the quantitative telecom market research in the US. Over the years our passion has pushed us to provide unique products to the industry such as very granular mobile and broadband market share reporting called FlowShare, or detailed telecom appends for businesses used by all major telecom service providers.

Now we have expanded those learnings to complementary industries and insights to provide value to new prospective customers in the financial, device OEM and accessory markets.  ShareTracker has introduced the following innovative products to meet new and prospective customer needs.

IoT Home Automation Measurement

Our market research project, called WioT for WiFi IoT, captures exactly that. Every quarter, it spans across the same routes within 16 largest US cities, and captures millions of device information, totaling fifteen thousand miles of fascinating data that is rapidly evolving.

We see how 1,400 brands are distributed by household types within the US population. Through an unmatched set of mapping rules, we also break the IoT devices into families (routers, traditional screens like tablets or PCs or cell phones, security, smart home, video, audio) and capture the size of their relative populations. We can see how those populations increase or decrease Quarter to Quarter and Year over Year, and how they vary from one city to another.

We also see how many brands are present within a specific family of devices, relative to the size of that population. At ShareTracker we call this brand diversity. For instance, the brand diversity is very different among routers and cell phones than it is among security systems or smart home networks, because the security and smart home ecosystems are more dynamic and less mature than the routers or cell phones segments of the industry.

How we do it:

  • 16 US Markets, same residential route driven every quarter totaling 8,000 miles driven four times a year
  • 2 Million households passed every quarter, census data associated with every device identified (income level, average age group, ethnicity etc.)
  • 5.9M unique data devices collected in Q4 2017, 11M overall in 2017
  • Over 1,000 brands identified
  • Over 130,000 customized rules enable to associate 80-90% of the devices to the right brand (like LG), the right family (like smart home), and the right sub family (like kitchen appliance)
  • Data available as reporting or raw (counts of devices per brand, type, quarter, census block group)


Outcomes of research:

  • Local and market level information
  • Demand analysis for adoption of a wide array of IoT products
  • Quantify and measure market opportunity
  • Repeated data collection captures trends
  • Leverageable base for more extensive research

Advertised Speed

With the deployment of nationwide 5G networks and the rapid deployment of 1GB by Cable companies through DOCSIS 3.1 technologies, it is imperative to get real-time launches of each for competitive purposes.  ShareTracker has developed several approaches to collect 5G subscriber data and carrier footprint. ShareTracker collects Advertised speed within a carrier’s footprint.

We are collecting over ~1M data points of residential addresses monthly including AT&T, CenturyLink, Comcast, Cox, Frontier, RCN, Spectrum, Verizon, Windstream)

Solution can include:

  • Append Speed to a given business/res record based on carrier/census block
  • Provide Speed maps for a given area
  • Create a public facing portal and/or app using 3rd party or in-house apps
  • Market share/flow share studies where 1gb speeds are being deployed