FlowShare & Market Share Measurement

ShareTracker’s highly accurate approach to determining market share and how broadband, voice and video customers move between competitors and technologies is your gateway to immediately improve churn rates, increase product penetration and grow your net adds.

  • Real-Time Analytics for the entire US telecom industry including wireless, wireline/telco, and cable carriers
  • Granular and market-level information – household or B2B views, we provide demographic, geographic, competitor presence, broadband availability and more segmentation individually or cross dimensionally showing service overlaps and bundles. Available in CBG, zip, City, county, state, or any customizable



ShareTracker’s wireless voice solution leverages our patented network pinging technology across a panel of 35 million users – 10 percent of the entire wireless market. With this unprecedented panel size, one can see with great accuracy not only market share but also small movements in the market (net additions, deactivations, porting, etc.). Additionally, ShareTracker’s understanding of network keys allow for granular segmentation of FlowShare data – including post-paid/pre-paid, reseller/MVNO, voice/data and device.

Key metrics delivered:

  • Daily Porting activity including prepay segmentation with brand segmentation for all 210 DMAs
  • Wireless voice share by market
  • Share of net adds, gross adds and disconnects
  • Segmentation based on prepaid, postpaid, MVNO, business/consumer, voice/computing*, device, and ethnicity


ShareTracker’s market-level voice share tracking is provided within your footprint at the DMA level, delivering a precise snapshot of the share and switching behavior of wireline households or businesses using network traffic data combined with demographic data.

Key metrics delivered:

  • Wireline voice share by market
  • Share of gross adds and disconnects
  • Wireline voice provider switching detail and wireless substitution
  • Profile and segments of customers and switchers in terms of segmentation, movers, ethnicity, needs-based segments, spend and other product usage


ShareTracker’s market-level broadband FlowShare tracking delivers sizing of the mobile and fixed competitive marketplace and the share and switching behavior of broadband households and businesses – without the costs associated with conducting thousands of surveys.

Our industry-leading history with broadband availability and penetration research led to a FlowShare methodology exclusive to ShareTracker that leverages a significant sample size and the strengths of multiple data collection alternatives, allowing for a deeper dive into specific need segments as well as customized geographic studies.

Key metrics delivered:

  • Broadband market share
  • Share of gross adds and disconnects
  • Customer switching by provider and technology
  • Fixed and mobile broadband device usage
  • Demographic and strategic segmentation –movers, needs-based segments, ethnicity, other product usage

Our Clients Use These Insights To See

  • Market share and net adds relative to competitors within DMA or custom footprints
  • Changes in market share due to marketing campaigns and changes in the marketplace
  • To which competitive carriers your lost subscribers have left
  • How specialty MVNOs have been performing within specific target markets and segments
  • Lifecycle/tenure analysis of a subscriber
  • Device market share and switching behavior
  • Wired to wireless broadband switching
  • How competitive switching households/businesses differ demographically and behaviorally
  • How you can better retain current customers and win high-value customers