Market Insights

MarketShare and FlowShare results need another layer of insights to insure you can take the next step towards market growth.  ShareTracker’s solutions provide highly accurate, data-only trends that give you must-have granular and market-level information fast to help you prioritize. Whole household or full B2B views, we provide demographic, geographic, competitor presence, broadband availability and more segmentation individually or cross dimensionally showing service overlaps and bundles.

ShareTracker’s market insights can tell you

  • The customers most likely to be interested in your new product offering
  • The ethnic and/or age group most likely to leave you, taking a competitor’s offer
  • The customer prospect profile(s) in the market(s) you want to enter
  • The characteristics of households – geographic, demographic and product
  • Ethnicity, age, income of the product customers are currently
  • The size, type and communications needs of the businesses in a market

Bundling Insights

ShareTracker’s cross dimensional whole household and full B2B data showing service overlaps and bundling helps you understand where there are multiple services delivered by one or multiple providers. ShareTracker’s household view delivers how the bundle is performing, measuring substitution and technology migration dynamics.

Unrivaled in the industry for measuring all broadband, wired and wireless service, ShareTracker enables consistent and side-by-side reporting of all the products you care about. There is no need for you to combine reports across vendors with varying time periods, metrics and formats. Let ShareTracker be your one-stop-shop for easily digested, actionable household views.

ShareTracker’s household view can tell you

  • The penetration of your competitor’s product bundles
  • Household profiles of the service penetration for all the wireline and wireless services in your market(s)
  • The most common service combinations
  • Products typically added to what is already being sold
  • The opportunities to bring something new to bundle with your customers
  • Relationships between bundles and churn – which of your customers are most safe, most at risk
  • Side-by-side views of penetrations, market share and FlowShare for all wireless and wireline products