What Else We’re Tracking

With a name like ShareTracker, it is understandable that we are always on the lookout for the next big things that can help our clients make better decisions.  Our customer-driven R&D includes all impacts to their business, so we are always exploring additional ways to bring value to the relationship. Therefore, we measure the industry trends that impact consumer usage of their product.

Over the Top Measurement

While the video market is complex, highly competitive and evolving, ShareTracker leverages our considerable broadband and voice panels and known bundling behaviors to deliver a precise snapshot of the share, switching behaviors and demographics of households and businesses within your footprint at the DMA level.


ShareTracker’s Video Analysis can tell you:

  • Share of wireline voice switching per DMA
  • How switching households differ demographically and behaviorally
  • How you can better retain existing customers
  • How you can win high-value competitive wireline customers
  • How you can act at a granular level to increase growth, combat churn and lift results

Key metrics delivered:

  • Video market share
  • Share of gross adds and disconnects
  • Customer switching by provider, technology and mover segment
  • Over-the-air and over-the-top video substitution
  • Demographic and strategic segmentations –movers, needs-based segments and other product usage

Business Switching insights

The business Segment competition continues with fiber and wireless carriers pressuring existing telco and cable providers for market share.  ShareTracker explores new approaches through Survey and BizTracker panels to provide more efficient and actionable data.

Key metrics delivered:

  • Reasons for switching between Wireless, Wireline and Cable carriers for business
  • Customizable building level telco detail across all business sizes
  • Consistent measurement provides significantly better margin of error confidence than competitors
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