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Household Survey Report: Consumer Video & Internet Consumption Usage

ShareTracker has released the findings from its latest standing monthly survey of U.S. households. Findings include key insights into COVID-19’s impact on consumer video and internet consumption throughout the first five weeks of the COVID-19 crisis (March 17 to April 21).

Here is a breakdown of the results:

Trends in Work and Study at Home

According to the survey, the majority of households (60 percent) have added work or study at home users. Among the 48 percent of households that added work at home, nearly two-fifths added two or more home-based workers. And among those adding study at home (38 percent), over half added at least two students.

To summarize: households that have added work or study at home added 2.4 new users per household — a considerable increase.


Internet Changes

Surprisingly, only 20 percent of households are considering making changes to their internet service in response to COVID-19. This has been consistent since March 17.

Not surprisingly, households with increased demand from new home-based workers and students are more likely to consider upgrading their current plan. Others are considering changing providers for increased speed.

In addition, households with students are most likely to make changes to increase their broadband capacity.

35 percent of all U.S. respondents continue to claim they are changing their video consumption, reflecting increased demand for pay-TV and streaming video.

Across the full-time period:

  • 20 percent are watching more video on demand (this spiked 6 percent in the latest week)
  • 9 percent are adding premium channels (14 percent in the latest week)
  • 14 percent are adding streaming services (19 percent in the latest week)

Additionally, there was a 2 percent increase in respondents intending to reduce costs in week 5, as financial pressures mount for some households.


In general, awareness of various internet and wireless service offers was low during this period. Respondents had the highest awareness of internet offers related to improved speed, and wireless offers to eliminate data caps.

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