COVID-19 Household Video & Internet Survey: Looking For Options

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COVID-19 Update: Consumer Video & Internet Consumption (March 17-April 30)

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is changing by the day, making it difficult for service providers to keep up with changing trends and patterns.

ShareTracker has been actively monitoring the situation ever since news broke about the pandemic providing key updates about how wireless and broadband consumers are responding.

Here are the latest findings from ShareTracker’s standing monthly survey of U.S. households, for the period of March 17 – April 30, 2020.

Trends in Work and Study at Home

According to the survey, 62 percent of U.S. households have added new work and/ or study at-home users since March 17. This figure is likely to decrease in the weeks ahead, as most households have already responded. However, it will be interesting to see how the situation developers in the next survey.

Households with new study at-home are the most likely to plan changes or upgrades to their internet service (23 percent), compared to all households with any new at-home use (19 percent) of all respondents (13 percent).

Planned Internet Changes due to COVID-19 by Provider Type

Among all households, cable respondents are least likely to change their plans. Fiber households are most likely to upgrade for speed, and — with DSL households — are also more likely to change providers for increased speed or bandwidth.


Planned Video Changes – by type of Video Viewer

Among Video subscribers, “stream only” users are least likely to change their video services, while nearly half of pay-TV subscribers are planning changes. This could be due to pricing, with standalone packages costing much less than pay-TV.

As the following example shows, stream only customers are also much more willing to add new streaming services. This is most likely due to cost and flexibility. It could also be an indicator that subscribers are growing tired of their current offerings. Some are seeking new binge-worthy content or films.

Awareness of Internet Providers’ COVID-19 Offers

This spring, ShareTracker has also been keeping tabs on consumer awareness of COVID-19 offers, from both internet and wireless providers.

The following is a breakdown of consumer awareness from internet providers. AT&T, Altice (Optimum), and Verizon showing demonstrated the greatest overall awareness.

Awareness of Wireless Providers COVID-19 Offers

On the wireless side, T-Mobile, AT&T, and Sprint proved to have the greatest overall awareness.

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