Product overview

ShareTracker’s MarketView™ provides a comprehensive and accurate tool, including boundary products, demographic overlays and network overlays that provide telecom solutions.  The MarketView tool provides spatial analytics to provide business details required to facilitate prospecting and network planning activities. Marketview is hosted on ShareTracker’s secure 24/7 cloud computing service with a guaranteed uptime of 99.9%.

Why MarketView?

  • Powerful – A mapping application that is affordable, fast, and extremely accurate.
  • Easy to Use – Analyze data visually or upload a file to append spatial information right from a Web browser.
  • Flexible – Can be customized on a client by client basis
  • Robust – Maps display over 200+ fields of information per object
  • Efficient – Benefit from increased productivity by cutting out the middle man and getting the information you need when you need it.

Key Tools Delivered

  • MarketView Spatial Analytic Tool
  • Building and business level
  • Proprietary uploading capability
  • Low cost rating modeling
  • Export into Excel for analytics
  • National wire center, rate center, cable MSO, CMA boundaries

How Our Clients Use These Insights

  • Maximize ROI – ShareTracker’s mapping and geo capabilities deliver specific target sets that tell you
  • Identify who you are competing with
  • Where your problems and opportunities are
  • Examine location characteristics – demographics, product availability and penetration giving you accurate, actionable information to win customers and build out new areas.
  • Identify, locate and rank best businesses or households using Service and Bandwidth Propensities, Market Densities, Current Service Providers
  • Better leverage existing assets & on-net locations
  • Identify, locate and rank buildings with best target customer densities and demand profiles
  • Rank Target Buildings and Businesses by distance to available network assets
  • Identify geographic concentrations for network expansion and capital efficiency