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COVID-19 Consumer Video & Internet Consumption Survey (March 17 – May 31)

ShareTracker has released data from its latest standing monthly survey of U.S. households, providing a window into COVID-19’s impact on consumer video and internet consumption. This report builds off of ShareTracker’s previous study, released on May 4. This overview covers the first 10 weeks of the national crisis (March 17 to May 31).

Here are the findings from the latest survey:

Trends in Work and Study at Home

Sixty-one percent of households have added new work and/or study at-home users, including 60 percent of households in May. This is an increase of 1 percent from the last study.

In a shift from April, new work at home households are more likely to plan to upgrade or change their internet service for added speed and performance.

Planned Internet Changes due to COVID – by Provider Type

Cable respondents in May were more likely to plan internet upgrades than previously, as were DSL subscribers.

Fiber users, meanwhile, continue to show the highest likelihood to upgrade or switch, at the same rate as April.

Respondents indicated they are far more likely to upgrade their data plan for more speed or bandwidth than to change, downgrade, or eliminate their internet provider.

Here is a recap of the internet changes from ShareTracker’s previous Consumer Video & Internet Consumption Survey released in early May.

Planned Video Changes due to COVID – by type of Video Viewer

All respondents in May were slightly more likely to make changes to reduce costs and less likely to watch more video on demand or premium channels. As we have previously mentioned, this could be due to video fatigue.

Streamers are the most likely to reduce costs, followed by pay-TV Only subscribers.

Awareness of Internet Providers COVID Offers

Overall, offer awareness rose in May for both internet and cell providers, with the exception of Altice.

Awareness of Verizon Wireless offers grew the most among cell providers. Among internet providers, Cox, Comcast and Verizon showed the greatest increases in offer awareness during May.

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