Residential Data

The ShareTracker National Residential Database is the most comprehensive residential list available in the U.S. The National Residential Database includes 120 million residential house-holds across all 50 States. The National Residential Database includes USPTO standardized addresses and provides the tools to identify, locate and rank your best prospects.

Residential Households

Located within a set of Wire Center, Rate Center, Zip Code, or Custom boundaries. Defines the addressable market for a Wireline Telecom or Cable MSO Service Provider

High value Residential Households

Potential targets for new customer acquisitions or existing customer up sell/cross-sell opportunities Identify best Households for customer acquisition based on Service Propensities, Prospect Densities and Proximity to Serving Assets resulting in maximum ROI potential.

Sales & Marketing

High value Residential Households that are current customers of a specific competitor helps Sales and Marketing to develop highly focused “Win Over” campaigns. These campaigns are targeted to the customers of a specific competitor to improve customer acquisition results and defeat a specific competitor.

Residential MDU Buildings

Within a set of Wire Center, Rate Center, Zip Code or custom boundaries by aggregate telecom demand, MDU buildings represent a high ROI market segment because of the customer concentrations in the building.

Expansion Strategies

Wire Centers, Rate Centers, Zip Codes and Buildings within a geographic market by aggregate demand for telecom, data and/or video services. Market and network planners understand where to deploy access facilities & network enabling technologies for optimal financial return on investments. Business planners can evaluate geographic expansion strategies and product expansion opportunities.

National Resident Telecom Database

The ShareTracker National Residential Telecom Database is a comprehensive national telecom database that contains over twenty-three (23) different categories of telecom circuit demand and telecom spending estimates along with a comprehensive suite of telecom spatial data for each individual residential household.

The Telecom Database contains 103 fields of information including: