Household Tracker Quarterly Insights

ShareTracker is the industry leader in empirically-based big data share and list products.  However, empirical video data is high cost and difficult to tie to other household services.  For that reason, we have used survey for years to complement our empirical voice and broadband data sets and to understand emerging technologies. These are Telecom Specific & Tested:

  • Multi-mode; fielding both via online and mobile device
  • Total sample is 10,000 completes per month
  • National representation is driven by sample quotas at both the state and demo level.  
  • Built to support market and FlowShare products, with focus on creating a statistically representative view of the US.
  • Survey length and answer content is closely monitored to maintain integrity of responses.

Understanding Bundles

ShareTracker’s cross dimensional whole household data showing service overlaps and bundling helps you understand where there are multiple services delivered by one or multiple providers. ShareTracker’s household view delivers how the bundle is performing, measuring substitution and technology migration dynamics.

Insight into telecom subscribers and those of each carrier

  • Data includes all fields at the respondent level
  • Fields can be cut/crossed in every possible combination of demographics, bundles, carriers, spend, etc.

Scaling over other data sources

  • Use the penetrations in the data set to estimate subscriber counts for various combinations

Setting thresholds and price contracts

  • The data set provides estimates for premium channel and OTT usage by Pay TV carrier, offering insights for negotiations

What Consumers Are Buying

Household Tracker populates over 70 fields providing a complete view of viewing habits, spending, customer movement and demographic trends.

  • Spending Category: Product Holding Set (e.g. double play, triple play)
  • Current Video Provider: Pay-TV by Provider; OTA & OTT
  • Previous Video Provider: Pay-TV by Provider; OTA & OTT
  • Current Premium Channel Subscriptions:  HBO, Showtime, Starz, Cinemax, TMC, etc.
  • vMVPD Subscription: DirecTV Now, Sling TV, etc.
  • Paid TV over Internet: HBO Now, Amazon Prime, Netflix, etc.

Churn and Flow

As the high-speed broadband market competitive environment heats up with the launch of 5G by wireless carriers, it is imperative to have the most current and accurate data for switching behaviors and content usage.

  • Current Data Provider: High Speed Data (HSD) Provider
  • Previous Data Provider: High Speed Data (HSD) Provider
  • Current Data Type:  Fiber/Cable/DSL/Dial-Up
  • Current Voice: Wired / Wireless Provider
  • Premium Channel Subscription History: f not current, ever subscribed?
  • Previous Voice Provider: Wireless Provider
  • Have you switched Video or HSD Providers? If so, when?

Geographic and Demographic Segmentation

Household Tracker offers a wide range of Geographic and Demographic Segmentation details allowing you to tailor advertising messages and mediums for optimizing ROI.

  • Census Block Group of Respondent
  • Zip Code
  • Movers
  • DMA Code
  • Age Segmentation
  • Income Segmentation
  • Education Segmentation
  • Gender Segmentation
  • Presence of Children
  • Video Spending Category
  • Data Spending Category
  • Voice Spending Category
  • Wireless Voice Spending Category

Additional Fields Available for Purchase/Customization

In addition to qualitative data providing for behaviors, Household Tracker can be customized to meet specific strategic needs. Items like home security, bundling, and mobile device have been measured for real time analytics.

  • Reasons for switching
  • Reasons for moving
  • Home Security: Provider and spend
  • Bundled Services: TV, Internet, Wireless/Wireline, Home Security on one bill
  • TV/Internet included in rent
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