Samsung Devices Represent 83% of Early 5G Adoption

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New Study Confirms Slow 5G Adoption

ShareTracker has released Q4 research examining business and consumer 5G adoption in the U.S.

Here are some key findings from the report:

Samsung Leads the Field

Based on our research, Samsung is the overwhelming market leader in 5G right now for the U.S., which is most likely due to the fact that Apple does not yet have a 5G capable phone on the market—yet.

While other smartphone providers have pushed forward with 5G (see table below), Apple has held back. However, the company appears to be on track to enter the 5G market late in 2020, and when that happens the company will likely challenge Samsung as the market leader.

Depending on when Apple enters the market, this transition could happen early in 2021.

Adoption Remains Slow

After analyzing public data, we matched over 21,000 5G devices with a specific brand and model.

Right now there appears to be a wide gap between 5G hype and the 5G adoption. According to our research, 5G phones only represented 0.01 percent of total U.S. smartphones in October.

The following table offers a breakdown of the 5G landscape heading into 2020:

Row Labels Business MDU SFR   Grand Total
Samsung 6654 3300 7171   17125
Galaxy Fold 5G 4 2   6
Galaxy Note 10 5G 5 8 3   16
Galaxy Note 10+ 5G 29 14 19   62
Galaxy Note10+ 5G (Verizon) 1878 1257 2831   5966
Galaxy S10 5G 4738 2021 4316   11075
LG 1188 545 1066   2799
V50 ThinQ 5G 1188 545 1066   2799
OnePlus 306 135 243   684
7 Pro 5G 306 135 243   684
ZTE 40 12 18   70
Axon 10 Pro 40 12 18   70
Vivo 2 2 2   6
iQOO Pro 5G 2 2 2   6
Huawei 2 1   3
Mate 20X 5G 2 1   3
Oppo 2 1   3
Reno 5G 2 1   3
Grand Total 8194 3995 8501   20690


Comparing Business, MDU and SFR Usage

In the study, ShareTracker analyzed 5G device usage across the business, MDU, and SFR environments.

ShareTracker found that the GSM Samsung Galaxy S10 5G is more prevalent in businesses, while the Verizon version is more prevalent in residential areas. What’s more, the LG V50 has a slightly higher presence in businesses than in MDU or SFR.

More About the Research

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