ShareTracker Actively Monitoring COVID-19’s Impact on Telecom

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Every day we see new impacts on daily life from the COVID-19 outbreak. Like you, we focused on our employees and their families first, making sure that all were safe, and had a good plan to shelter in place.

Once everyone was confirmed safe at ShareTracker, we’ve been busy implementing processes to assist our customers and partners in understanding both the immediate and long-term impacts of COVID-19 on the telecommunications industry. We have:

  • Expanded our consumer and B2B survey questions to include COVID-19 impacts on telecommunications use.
  • Examined the weekly trends around both subscriber activity and usage to provide guidance to the industry on what can be expected in terms of recovery.
  • Initiated a process of identifying the changes to VoIP providers, with the expectation that more remote employees will be taking advantage of VoIP services.
  • Started providing weekly updates on industry changes via our social media channels including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and our blog.

To that end, we would like to share some of the early insights on the impacts of store closures, and work-from-home activities:

Consumer Wireless – Wireless porting activity plummeted last Saturday, with a 30% reduction compared to the prior weekend.

  • All wireless carriers were down by similar levels when comparing the past 2 weekends.
  • The slowdown was felt across all regions, not just those most affected by the virus. Both Seattle (one of the highest CoronaVirus concentrations) and West Virginia (one of the lowest CoronaVirus concentrations) were down by similar levels over the past two weekends.

B2B Porting Activity – Daily ports started dropping Sunday 3/15. On Sunday, ShareTracker saw the lowest count of ports since Christmas day 2019. Excluding Christmas, ports were at the lowest point since 4/21/19, which was Easter Sunday.

  • Again, all wireless carriers are impacted by the drops in competitive activity.
  • Monday and Tuesday had some of the lowest business-day porting values we have measured. Only past holidays like Labor Day or Memorial showed lower porting volumes on a Monday.

ShareTracker is mirroring the aggressive steps taken by many to reduce the risk for our employees and customers by limiting travel and supporting working remotely, which was already in our DNA.

ShareTracker will continue to adjust what we report on as the outbreak impacts evolve including an exploration of the changes to VoIP usage next week. If there are any specific elements you would like to see us examine, please let us know via email or on any of our social platforms.

Be safe,

ShareTracker Team