Telecom Snapshot – The Impact of COVID-19

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ShareTracker has been watching the coronavirus updates through the lens of streaming video and wanted to share the research and information we found.

Top 3 Things To Know

Here are three points about COVID-19 impacts/benefits to streaming TV:

  1. Streaming has increased of course.
  2. Streaming video usage is increasing and bandwidth is becoming an issue in Europe, companies are defaulting from HD quality to SD (Netflix & YouTube)
  3. Cancellation of live sports decreasing demand for vMVPDs and traditional PAYTV/Satellite, a boon for SVODs. As consumers become more cost-conscious, SVODs offer lower prices and more specialized content.

Consumer Impacts

Here are a few measures that Streaming Providers have taken lately to help during the COVID-19 crisis.

COVID-19 measures from PAYTV/Streaming providers, ongoing:

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