YouTubeTV Remains Top vMVPD

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On Thursday, Jan. 30 Sony officially ended it’s PlayStation Vue live TV service, replaced by Google’s YouTube TV. This came after Google won the bidding war to target PlayStation Vue subscribers. ShareTracker research shows approximately 30 percent of PlayStation Vue’s 500,000 customers now subscribe to YouTube TV, leaving 350,000 potential new subscribers for YouTube TV to acquire.

At just $50 per month, YouTube TV is similarly priced to PlayStation Vue’s cheapest bundle and has a comprehensive lineup of channels and DVR capabilities. These features, plus the convenience of having the service directly inside the PlayStation console, make it a natural fit for subscribers seeking a new solution.

As a result of Sony’s decision to scrap PlayStation Vue, YouTube TV will likely remain the most widely used multichannel video programming distributor (vMVPD) in the market throughout the foreseeable future.

According to our research, YouTube TV passed DTV Now in the second quarter of 2019. YouTube TV has also outpaced Hulu Live’s growth and has remained at the top of the rankings for three consecutive quarters.

YouTube TV could also see significant gains from multi-cultural households moving forward. Our research, based on a 30,000 quarterly panel, shows video usage is especially heavy in multi-cultural families. Multi-cultural families had a live streaming penetration rate of 19 percent during 4Q19, compared to the U.S. total of 14 percent—and PlayStation Vue was a widely used option among them.

ShareTracker will continue monitoring vMVPD rankings throughout 2020 and beyond to see how the landscape changes. To learn more about ShareTracker’s approach to data collection click here.